Although replacing the conservatory roof in your house or installing a new one looks quite simple, it is actually not so. Not only do you need to get in touch with a reliable roof installer but also enhance your knowledge about the various types of conservatory roofs so that you can choose a suitable design. A badly fitted and cheap roof can have a negative impact on the conservatory, the room might feel too hot or too cold which means that your investment will be a complete waste.

Conservatory Roof Varieties Offered By Roofing Companies In Oxford

  • Polycarbonate Roofs

The prices of these roofs are generally dependent on their design. Though the polycarbonate sheets are manufactured easily and have a clear texture, they are break resistance as compared with those single sheets of glass roofs. They don’t scratch easily and are quite tough against impact, the popularity of this roof variety is gradually enhancing as they are available at a very low price in spite of possessing all the properties stated above. If you want the roof to offer maximum strength and insulation, ask your roofing specialists in Oxford to install a twin or tripled walled multi-chamber.

Replacement Roof For Conservatory Oxford

  • Glass Roofs

The benefits offered by a double glazed conservatory roof can never be neglected. Since their structure is a bit heavier and more complex than a polycarbonate roof, the cost of installing them is also a bit higher. Ensure that the gap between the two units is around 14mm to 16mm as the gap determines the efficiency of the roof. Its energy efficiency can also be increased by using heavy inert gases like Xenon, Argon and Krypton. Though opting for the single glazed glass roof isn’t advisable if you are looking for the best conservatory roof replacement in Oxford as it can turn the room into a fridge during the winter season and a furnace during summer.

  • Tiled Roof

There are numerous roofing companies in Oxford you can approach if you are willing to install tiled conservatory roofs in your house. The primary benefit of opting for this roof variety is that you can choose from a wide variety of tiles, the natural slate tiles are quite durable and are considered to be the ideal choice if you are planning a home extension. The concrete tiles, on the other hand, are available in a wide variety of colours so you can choose one which matches your home decor. You can mix and match the composite panels with the glass panels and reap both their benefits.

Choose The Best Roof Design

If you want to choose the best design for your conservatory roof, the two prime things you need to consider is the material and its visual appeal. Whether you want to install a clear roof or a solid one is entirely your personal preference, the superior insulation and heat management properties of clear roofing are indeed noteworthy. Since each roof variety offers own set of advantages and disadvantages; have a talk with some reliable roof installer and they will help you choose the best product and design.

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