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Depending on the orientation of your conservatory, you can find that at times of the year your conservatory can be too hot or too cold to use for a long period of time. Many people plan to use their conservatory as an extension to their home rather than as a traditional conservatory. The temperature issue can be primarily caused by the roof, nowadays there is a simple solution, installing a solid roof! However, you may underestimate the further benefits which come with installing RRC roof.

Improved thermal efficiency

The unique insulation methods employed by Reroofing Conservatories ensure your conservatory will be the most thermally efficient available today.

The unique combination of insulation materials provides the lowest U-Value of any conservatory roof replacement and create an even temperature throughout the year.

Improved acoustics

The added insulation not only keeps the temperature more consistent, it also improves the acoustics by keeping unwanted noise out. So no matter the weather you’ll be able to have a conversation without having to shout, hear what people are saying on the TV or fall asleep in a hailstorm.

Better aesthetically

All Reroofing Conservatories replacement conservatory roofs are covered in light weight tiles to match as nearest as possible the existing house roof tiles in both style and colour.

All interiors are also finished in exactly the same manner using the same materials no matter which roof option is installed.

Almost every customer reports that their new conservatory becomes their main sitting room.

Adds value to your home

Installing a new Reroofing Conservatories replacement roof on a conservatory will convert it into a real room for valuation purposes should the property be sold, increasing the value.

The aesthetic appeal of an Reroofing Conservatories roof creates the wow factor that will sell the property quicker.

Popular misconception

Skylights will not necessarily be required because minimal light is actually lost, and internal downlights are not necessarily required.

Explanations and advice are given on every appointment as we always endeavour to create, at the least possible expense, the everyday room everyone hopes for.

Comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all Reroofing Conservatories Replacement Roof Installations.

Reasons to choose a new roof from Reroofing Conservatories Ltd

  1. All roofs are designed and made in our factory and installed by our own experienced builders, not conservatory fitters.
  2. We help you to achieve exactly what you want at the least possible expense. Our advice is given based on many years of experience.
  3. All our roofs will allow you to create a room that can be used every day, not just some days. Often No heating required in the winter, no cooling required in the summer and the rain is silent.
  4. We offer several different solutions to suit all budgets and requirements.
  5. Our roofs are created with engineered wood, which is lighter than standard wood yet stronger than structural steel on a par weight basis and has been used over 60 years in major construction work e.g. motorway bridges, multi story car park, timber frame houses etc.

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