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We have changed the roofs to suit the houses more. We as a company always advise people of ways to improve their living area. We will not accept a job if we think it could be done in a more beneficial manner.

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Conservatory Types

No matter what shape or style of conservatory you currently have, we can provide attractive, smart solutions that add to the value and beauty of your home. From modern conservatories to Edwardian and Victorian conservatories; P-Shape styles to Lean-to and Gable End conservatories – Reroofing Conservatories have got them all expertly covered.


Edwardian conservatories have a stunning, classic design that are the ideal choice for adding a touch of grandeur to your home as well as a light, bright living space. The bold rectangular shape, characteristic of the Edwardian era creates maximum floor space, complimentary in both period and modern homes.


Victorian conservatories are a bold and elegant statement which add charm from history past to your property. The traditional style features an octagonal design which offers a panoramic view of your garden, inviting you to enjoy your garden all your round. Delicate ridges and intricate cresting decorate the conservatory roof to complete the look, further enhancing the Victorian’s traditional design.

Lean To

The Lean-to Conservatory, a popular choice for modern homes is an excellent way to get both additional light and space into your home. Its simple design of clean lines and perfect proportions combine to create seamless access to a modern garden or sun room.

P Shape

The P-Shape conservatory is an elegant way to add extra space to your home by combining the styles of a lean-to conservatory and a Victorian conservatory. The P-Shape area itself can be a three-faceted or five-faceted design set out in perfect proportion for your home. Its versatile style means it can extend in various directions, better suited to larger detached properties.

Gable End

Gable End conservatories are perfect for those looking something a little different. Renowned for its unique sloping roof and admired by many home owners for its elegant structure, this design is extremely attractive aesthetically. The raised glass roof is unique and eye catching and enhances all available light to create a bright and airy atmosphere.

We design, manufacture and install our own products based on many years experience in the construction industry. We have a solution for every eventuality all installed by our dedicated team of experienced qualified builders.

Before & After

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Reasons to choose a new roof from Reroofing Conservatories Ltd

  1. All roofs are designed and made in our factory and installed by our own experienced builders, not conservatory fitters.
  2. We help you to achieve exactly what you want at the least possible expense. Our advice is given based on many years of experience.
  3. All our roofs will allow you to create a room that can be used every day, not just some days. Often No heating required in the winter, no cooling required in the summer and the rain is silent.
  4. We offer several different solutions to suit all budgets and requirements.
  5. Our roofs are created with engineered wood, which is lighter than standard wood yet stronger than structural steel on a par weight basis and has been used over 60 years in major construction work e.g. motorway bridges, multi story car park, timber frame houses etc.

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