Do you think it’s time to give your conservatory a face-lift? Looking for effective ways to renovate your greenhouse in a manner which brings out a great appeal and offers the right functionality too? Opting for a roof replacement can be the ideal way to modernise your conservatory!

Conservatories are a great way to extend your property without having any troublesome extension built. But if you have an old conservatory, there are chances that it might be not as efficient as it could be. Since these roofs have a tendency of becoming extremely cold during the winter and incredibly hot throughout summer, more and more homeowners are now opting for a replacement roof conservatory in Oxford.

Wondering how to get your existing greenhouse replaced with the highest quality conservatories? Read on. 

Best Roof Conservatories Oxford

3 Aspects To Consider When Opting For The Best Conservatory Roof Replacement In Oxford

  1. Decide If You Want A Glass Or Tiled Roof

Having a tiled roof can keep your conservatory cool in the summer and insulates in the winter. Tiled roofs are more of a solid roof which are both effective and durable. What’s more, tiled roofs let your conservatory merge well with the rest of your house.

On the other hand, glass can fill your greenhouse with light, making the room appear bigger and inviting. By choosing glass which reflects the sun’s rays out of the room, you can ensure warmth during the winter months. Energy-efficient glass is an effective means of ensuring your conservatory maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Think about the material which you want your conservatory to be made of.

  1. Check If You Need Planning Permission

Do you need planning permission before having your conservatory roof replaced? Since disobeying the planning laws can be very costly, ensure you comply with the requirements of the law. Usually, getting your conservatory roof replaced will not require prior permission assuming you do not live in a listed building or conservation area. However keep in mind that complying with the building regulations is important for you.

  1. Think How You Want The Roof To Look

Another vital aspect you must take into account for having the best conservatory roof replacement in Oxford is to consider the way you want your roof to look. If you are opting for a solid roof, decide on the colour of the tiles you want. Do you want the roof to blend with your neighbours or are you planning to make a unique statement by having a conservatory which stands out from the rest?

Since you are now aware of the vital considerations, what are you still here for? It’s time you bring your conservatory back to life by opting for a roof replacement!