There was a time when conservatories were used as occasional garden spaces. But gone are those days. Now people use conservatories as year-around living rooms. This is where the summer nights are chilly, but you can still feel comfortable with a heavy kaftan.

But conservatories made years ago are not perfect fit for purpose today. When you built yours, you had a motive to use it as an extension to the main structure of your home that can be used all through the year; you can enjoy a warm winter and a cool summer. But it is very likely that you have ended up with a construction that leaves you sweltering during summer and freezing in the winter. Aluminum conservatories built in 70s are hard to upgrade. But uPVC structure that was made in late 90s can be upgraded to make it savvy according to your present requirement. The upgrade can be started with roof replacement. Upgrading the roof has a number of benefits and some of them are as follows:

  • Better thermal efficacy – This is the key benefit which is quite expected while replacing the existing conservatory roof with a solid one. Owing to the extra layers of insulation and the non-transparent feature of solid roof, irrespective of the outside weather, the temperature inside the conservatory remains pleasant and comfortable. In other words, you can use the conservatory as a cool resort during summer and a warm one during winter.
  • Better look and appearance – Solid conservatory roof comes in a gamut of styles and colours to choose from. So while it comes to Conservatory Roof Replacement in Oxford, select one that matches in with the style of rest of the home. This certainly makes this additional structure to look more like a permanent part of the home. It also beautify the inside aesthetics making it really cosy during winter while letting in sufficient sunlight to keep it bright.
  • Enhanced acoustics – It is always good to maintain proper acoustics inside the home. Outside noise shouldn’t spoil the inside peace. And this is applicable to a conservatory as well. Solid conservatory roofs are added with proper insulation that keeps the temperature inside the room pleasant while improving the acoustics by not allowing unwanted outside noise. So even on a hailstorm day, you don’t need to shout while talking to the occupants of the home.
  • Added value – Better usability, enhanced acoustics and improved aesthetical appeal are the best parts of a solid conservatory roof. And all these things play important role in increasing the pecuniary value of your house which is extremely significant in terms of selling point. With Conservatory Roof Replacement in Oxford you can expect to sell your home at the quoted price within a short span of time.

These are some of the most important beneficial aspects of a conservatory roof replacement with a solid roof. But addition of a solid roof never means that the space will lose all light. By adding a skylight to the solid roof, you are just allowing more sunlight to make the conservatory brighter, throughout the year. If you need conservatory roof replacement, consider 4 points to hire the best roofing company.