A roof conservatory is one of the most valuable assets to your home, Best Roof Conservatories Oxford must be maintained on a regular basis to keep it looking as fresh and good as new. Regular maintenance is also required to let it work smoothly and optimally, while there might be a lot of trivial tasks that you can do on your own, for other intricate jobs, it would be better to hire an expert. Here are some essential tips to follow which will mean you won’t go far wrong.

  • Regular maintenance – Don’t forget to carry out a minor service every year on the conservatory like you do with your car. This includes lubricating the handles and hinges, locks; cleaning the downpipes, guttering and drainage slots. This also includes cleaning the door and window jambs, cleaning cresting and finials, and applying protective oil to lead flashing.


  • Pressure washers – Don’t use any pressure washer to clean the conservatory even though it is good for cleaning other outdoor areas, they can create huge problems. The high water pressure can damage the coating and seals while causing ingress of water and air into the conservatory. Your better off using a standard garden hose for removal of loose debris and dirt, but you need to use elbow grease for stubborn dirt.

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  • Climbing on the roof – Don’t ever try to climb the roof or reach high points around the conservatory without proper instruments, it will leave you with high risks of falling while damaging the structure and creating leaks. It is not likely that the window cleaner will be featured with special access equipment to spread the load. So it will be good to book a professional to clean and service the hard-to-reach areas, you may get help from any reputed Roofing Companies Oxford.


  • Glass care – Make sure you clean the glass on a regular basis, both outside and inside; the frequency though depends on the orientation of the conservatory. If it is installed in a sunny, bright position, rain water can easily and quickly evaporate however it takes time if it is installed in a shady spot. Also shadier facilities usually get dirty quickly as the dirt in water stays on the glass layer for longer.


  • Blockages – Don’t ever try to hook the leaves or dirt out of gutters while standing on the floor, it increases the chances of potential injuries by overreaching. It may also cause damages to the gutters as they can’t carry much weight, so ensure that you can see and reach the gutter to remove the debris so free water flow is possible.


  • Cleaners – You should never use any spirit-based thinners or cleaners, even if the stains are stubborn, they just attack and damage the plastic sections of the conservatory. But you should never use any metallic abrasive pads or cloths as they can damage the seals, glass units and plastics.


Don’t forget that the key reason to keep the conservatory in the best condition is to ensure that you can enjoy the structure across the year. If you want to add the finishing touch, add properly fitted conservatory blinds as well to enhance the look while stating your individual style.