Roof repair is the job that has to be handled by a professional, but it never takes the roofer figuring out whether or not your roof is leaking. All they need to do is keep their eyes open to discover a roof leak on even the Best Roof Conservatories Oxford before it becomes a big challenge. Some leaks are big and prominent while some are small, but all of them can literally wreak havoc on the walls as well as the foundation and exterior of your home. So it is important that you have basic understanding of how to identify roof leaks so you can do the needful in advance to avoid any huge damage, later on.

  • Mold on the Exterior Wall – Mold may grow on the exterior walls of your building. Don’t befool yourself in thinking that growth of mold on exterior wall is only due to deficiency of sunlight. There might be an issue with gutters or downspout and this additional moisture may lead to other roof problems as well.
  • Drip and Condensation – If you can see drips, condensation and moisture stains on walls, there might be a leak in the roof, even if the leak goes away, get it checked. If you can see any type of moisture on the wall, just get it inspected even if the damp evaporates after a while. Chronic moisture issues can cause permanent damage to your building.

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  • Shingles – If you find any missing shingle on the roof, there is a high chance of development of roof leak in due course. Shingles are the basic barrier between roof and different elements. So if there is any missing shingle, be careful and act accordingly. You can talk to a Replacement Roof Conservatory Oxford service provider regarding this for a suitable solution.
  • Water Stain – If you find any water stain that looks just like a large puddle on the walls, be carefu Usually such stains are ringed in a brown colour, however every time it might not look the same. You might not see some stains as they take place in the darker corner of the ceiling or wall while others are relatively smaller stains but could be an alarming sign of a larger leak. If you notice any kind of discolouration on the walls or ceiling, immediately take a close look for moisture, mold and other revealing signs of a roof leak.
  • Growing Walls – If the exterior wall is moldy or mossy, it might not always be the less-than-sunny spot. It might be a problem related to downspouts or the gutters. Though they are not made out of roofing materials, gutters and downspouts often form an integral part of the roofing system as they help in moving water from the roof and eventually down into the ground. But if it is leaking, you can see signs of erosion below the gutter while you can also see signs of moisture on sides of exterior walls, depending on the location of the leak. You can use gutter covers or repair sagging gutters to reduce the intensity of the issues related to icy or clogged gutters.

As you are planning to work on your home this winter, talk to a reputed local roofer. They are the best people to suggest you right solution to the problems related to roof leak